Why we love using Wallpaper

Wallpaper. It's Sticky. It's Beautiful. Is it worth it? 

Every body has an opinion when it comes to wallpaper. Some people love it, some people hate it. There are even people that are having flashbacks from days of old, where they tried to remove wallpaper and found 3 layers of more wallpaper behind it. UGH. Manual labor, am I right? 

Jump to 2018 and the wallpaper industry in back full force. So the question poses, how-when-and-why should we use wallpaper and how do we avoid seasons past. 

Once thing that is amazing about technology is the invention of REMOVABLE WALLPAPER. It's like a super sticky post-it note, but BETTER. But we would like to save those for the college dorms and apartment rentals. That is, after all, what they were made for - and those who get bored with their decor easily ;)  

As for  installing wallpaper in your home or in a commercial project like we have, here are some reasons why we love to use wallpaper! 

1) Nothing compares to the beauty and precise design aesthetic that Wallpaper gives us. 

You  can paint with stencils. You can hand paint an artistic scene. You can pay an artist for a custom textured wall. But wallpaper, it is precise, stick and go, and with quality materials that are only possible when glued to a wall. 

2) Creativity. 

One word says it all. You have endless possibilities with wallpaper. You can add texture, color, shimmer and matte. You can custom make hand painted wallpaper. You can go big or go small. You can put it in a bathroom, you can put it in a children room. You can even find a Dr. Seuss Wallpaper to go with this blog post! 

3) It's Artwork

While creativity can carry a mountain of descriptive words, adding color and graphics to a space can transform the energy that would otherwise be dull from a plain paint job. It creates a full feature art piece and when it comes to selecting great art pieces, we all know it can take years to find and more than a few penny's pinched. Wallpaper is, realtiviley, easy to install and remove, meanwhile creating a great space full of life.

Enjoy some awesome wallpaper images below! 

Check out our projects in our portfolio for numerous wallpaper applications! 


This is truly one of our most favorite projects! 

We love living in color and this project was no different. A beautiful Transitional kitchen, with dark wood cabinets, waterfall edges on our custom kitchen island and gorgeous lighting! 

Such an exquisite and luxurious community building for everyone to use  and enjoy. 

Tell us your thoughts! 


Finished Project Portfolio

Furniture Sample Selections


Loving City Life

It's of no surprise that when you live in the heartbeat of America, you wish to have an apartment that makes you feel at home. With a modern transitional touch we love the open space to soak in the gorgeous city views, meanwhile also creating a space to relax. 

Enjoy the photos! 

Our Visit to NeoCon 2018

NeoCon 2018

What a fun experience this trade show was!

NEOCON offers such design inspiration for all interior designers, architects & developers either it be for a residential project or commercial installation.

These wall applications are one of many inspirational products that we came across. Such a great use of color that offers a bit of drama for any project! We look forward to using many of these new products in the future. 

Check out some of our favorite products below, as well as a great video series from Interior Design.

Matthews Interiors - NeoCon 2018 - Favorites 1.JPG

Interior Design's Video Series

Our Favorites in Office Furniture

Hold up!

Office furniture can be beautiful and stylish?

Yes and Yes. 

Whether your working at home or in an office, surrounding yourself with a gorgeous interior makes the day to day work life so much more enjoyable.

So scroll down for some office inspiration! 

Matthews Interiors - Office Furniture - Hooker  1600-10453.jpg


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Our Favorite Sofa's of 2018

Who Doesn't LOVE a Gorgeous Sofa? 

Our living rooms require the most important purchase: a Sofa. 

It might seem tough to commit to just one sofa, after all, well-made furniture is something we strive to find. Not only do you want to find something within budget, but also a comfy lounging spot for you and your family or guests. Of course it also has to be a gorgeous statement piece! 

Here are a few of our favorite sofa's! 

Transitional Sofas - Bernhardt 4.PNG


DALINA MANOR: Senior Living Community


We want to start blogging about our own projects. After all, a little self love goes a long way! Matthews Interiors enjoyed putting this project together. Not only do we love our design job, but we also love giving back to the community. Everyone's home should feel like home and adding a touch of luxury and vibrant personality truly brings this senior living center to life! 

Check out this article and video released by Ingerman ( =>> Dalina Manor )

"Mayor John E. McCormac and The Township of Woodbridge joined Ingerman, and BCM Affordable Housing to celebrate the grand opening of Dalina Manor, a Senior Affordable Housing Community located in the Hopelawn neighborhood of Woodbridge Township.

Dalina Manor is a 57-unit, three-story property featuring 48 one-bedrooms and nine two-bedrooms. The site offers a two-story lobby, community lounge with kitchen and outdoor patio, storage units on the ground floor at no additional charge to residents, and a fitness center. There is off-street parking and on-site management and supportive services. All common areas are fully handicap accessible. In partnership with the Hopelawn VFW, Dalina Manor will also be home to the new VFW offices.  

The apartments feature open floorplan layouts with fully-equipped kitchens, hardwood flooring, mini-blinds, oversized windows, ceramic tile baths, video intercoms, full sized washers & dryers, and Energy Star appliances.  Five percent of the rental are fully handicap accessible and all units are adaptable to accomidate the needs of the residents. In addition, Dalina Manor has five rentals designated for families and individuals who are homeless.

“The Dalina Manor grand opening and ribbon-cutting completes the transformation of the Hopelawn VFW building into a vibrant new community for our senior residents.  It is important to note that the Hopelawn VFW will have a new home – right here at Dalina Manor so named in honor of Stephen J. “Pete” Dalina who dedicated his life to the people of Middlesex County and Woodbridge Township,” Mayor John E. McCormac said.  “Dalina Manor not only serves to increase neighboring residential property value, but also represents another milestone toward achieving our goal of ensuring that all of our senior residents have access to quality, affordable residential options.  As we celebrate the opening of Dalina Manor, it is important to note that no taxpayer or municipal dollars were invested, as the entire project was funded through government grants, programs and private investment between the New Jersey Housing & Mortgage Finance Agency, BCM Affordable Housing, Ingerman, the Woodbridge Redevelopment Agency and the Woodbridge Affordable Housing Corporation.” "



Furniture Selections for Dalina Manor


We L-O-V-E Christopher Guy! His designs are not only artistic, but they are hot Hot HOT! Sexy and stylish, the collections that Guy features not only speak for themselves, but he adds flair to his collections with inspired female driven artwork and sculptural pieces. Curves have never been more manly and stylish. Check out a few pieces we have selected and matched together in a quick 10 min board.


Joseph Matthews - Christopher Guy - Lounge Board

Exterior Lighting - When Farmhouse meets Industrial

Exterior Lighting is an understated necessity to your home. If quality lighting brings creativity, personality, and presence to a bedroom, kitchen or dining table, who's to say the same for the Exterior of your home? Put a smile on your house, make it unique so that when people enter your home they already notice the details you've added to make your house a home. 

The lights below were selected for a Farmhouse Concept mixing Industrial and Coastal vibes. 


Project: ELMS


Finished Project Portfolio


Furniture Selections for ELMS Project


Lighting Selections for ELMS Project

Lighting up the New Year - Sconces

Lighting: Sconces in 2018

A room is never complete without it's number one companion, Lighting. From decorative lighting to everyday task lights we have found some hot new lights to show you! Here are some creative new lights for sconces from our favorite manufactures.