Why we love using Wallpaper

Wallpaper. It's Sticky. It's Beautiful. Is it worth it? 

Every body has an opinion when it comes to wallpaper. Some people love it, some people hate it. There are even people that are having flashbacks from days of old, where they tried to remove wallpaper and found 3 layers of more wallpaper behind it. UGH. Manual labor, am I right? 

Jump to 2018 and the wallpaper industry in back full force. So the question poses, how-when-and-why should we use wallpaper and how do we avoid seasons past. 

Once thing that is amazing about technology is the invention of REMOVABLE WALLPAPER. It's like a super sticky post-it note, but BETTER. But we would like to save those for the college dorms and apartment rentals. That is, after all, what they were made for - and those who get bored with their decor easily ;)  

As for  installing wallpaper in your home or in a commercial project like we have, here are some reasons why we love to use wallpaper! 

1) Nothing compares to the beauty and precise design aesthetic that Wallpaper gives us. 

You  can paint with stencils. You can hand paint an artistic scene. You can pay an artist for a custom textured wall. But wallpaper, it is precise, stick and go, and with quality materials that are only possible when glued to a wall. 

2) Creativity. 

One word says it all. You have endless possibilities with wallpaper. You can add texture, color, shimmer and matte. You can custom make hand painted wallpaper. You can go big or go small. You can put it in a bathroom, you can put it in a children room. You can even find a Dr. Seuss Wallpaper to go with this blog post! 

3) It's Artwork

While creativity can carry a mountain of descriptive words, adding color and graphics to a space can transform the energy that would otherwise be dull from a plain paint job. It creates a full feature art piece and when it comes to selecting great art pieces, we all know it can take years to find and more than a few penny's pinched. Wallpaper is, realtiviley, easy to install and remove, meanwhile creating a great space full of life.

Enjoy some awesome wallpaper images below! 

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