BCM Affordable Housing

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November 16th, 2017

"Having now worked with Matthews Interior Design (MID) over the last 12 months on four distinctly different projects, I wanted to drop you a short note to let you know how happy I am with your work. Collaborating with MID has been an exemplary experience. I have been developing apartment communities for over 20 years and have never seen the attention to detail that you and your staff bring to each and every one of my affordable housing communities.

For better or worse each project comes with some degree of budgetary constraints but that has never restricted MID from creating a luxurious and comfortable environment for my residents to call home and my staff to work within. Incidentally at a recent Grand Opening the Mayor's Chief of Staff, from one of the largest municiplalities in New Jersey, commented that we should change our tag line to read "Luxury Living at Affordable Prices". In large part this perception is based on MID's work. 

MID would be a valuable addition to any design/development project and I would be happy to speak with any potential clients as a reference in the future. Wishing you all the best with your future endeavors."




"Working with Joe has been an absolute pleasure. As a key player on our team, he works to coordinate with all members throughout the design process in order to perfect items such as (but not limited to) floor plan layouts, RCPs, elevations, and renderings. His keen eye for detail, creativity, and a global outlook on each development's specific needs is what makes him so unique as a designer. 

Working in the affordable multifamily housing sector is challenging due to constant budget constraints, but Joe is repeatedly able to come in under budget and exceed expectations with his design and finishes. His finished products always look and feel topnotch, and we cannot wait to show-off on the day of the official grand opening."


Hollywood, CA


“Working with Joe was a great overall experience. His enthusiastic personality, imaginative nature and excellent communications skills made for a great experience. He helped me organize my office, select furnishings that fit perfectly for the space, had excellent follow through skills, but most importantly he listens to what the client needs and wants.”


Washington Square


“Joe masterfully furnished my home, despite the limitations imposed by a large collection of modern art prints, Persian carpets, and a couple of favorite furniture pieces. The finished work shows off and harmonizes with those pieces. The furniture shapes and colors he chose have transformed the space while respecting what I had. He has wonderful taste in color, is patient with client preferences, and is attentive to cost. What could have been a nightmare turned out to be a lot of fun.”


Los Angeles, CA


“Living in the Hollywood Hills is great and when it comes to finding the perfect interior designer its tough- everyone has a suggestion. Having Joe design our fireplace was such a delight. His easy going personality; mixed with artistic flavor was not only effective, I bet he will someday make a great television show!”


Center City, PA


“Joe Matthews designed our law offices and several rooms of my home in our 1926 Center City building. We have received many compliments from clients on the look of our offices. He tries to find pieces to match the client, and has purchased unusual items for us as close as the internet and as far as Istanbul, where he went on a special trip to buy    rugs for the office. We got an elegant look at reasonable cost.”


Phoenixville, PA


“From the moment Joe walked through our door, he has helped us transform our home into a beautiful masterpiece one room at a time, working diligently together on our budget at our pace - another wonderful element to doing business with Joe. He’s very honest with style and keeps our goals in mind while combining both my taste along with my husbands. Showing our individuality with the very distinctive pieces he has instituted into our home."


Center City, PA


“As a "neophyte" decorator owning my own home for the first time, I turned to Joe Matthews to help me create an easy living yet sophisticated interior for my home. With Joe's help I was able to select the right pieces that reflect both my modern leanings and accentuate some of the unique character of my home. I would recommend Joe for anyone facing the dilemma of creating a space that reflects your personality and lifestyle.”